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Mconf Tecnologia

Web Conferencing with Mconf

Mconf Tecnologia provides services that allow the use of Mconf, an open source web conference system, in your company, institution, or even for you as an individual.

Being the creators of Mconf, we’re the most qualified company to help you with all things related to Mconf. We offer scalability, maintenance, monitoring, automatic updates and everything you need to have a great web conference experience.

Mconf Tecnologia


Mconf is a web conference system that provides real-time communication between multiple persons with audio, video, presentation and screen sharing, among several other features. Mconf is built over an open source code base that is highly customizable and expandable.

Use Mconf for…


For education institutions that wish to start or grow their distance learning offer, Mconf can be easily integrated into your education platform (including Moodle or any other web application) to provide real-time synchronous remote classes, with moderation and recording. If you are a teacher, Mconf Tecnology can also provide you, as an individual, the infrastructure necessary to broadcast your classes.

Remote meetings

To any sort of meeting with remote users, including business meetings, professional consultancies and school group meetings. Mconf allows two or more persons to interact in real-time in an integrated platform. To companies and institutions, Mconf can be thoroughly customized to bring the visual identity of your institution to your users.

Broadcast events

Broadcast your events to hundreds of remote participants, that can access your transmission both on desktop and mobile device. Mconf is configurable to allow you to moderate your event and customizable to give your event the visual of your institution. When ended, the recorded event can be easily published to even more people.


  • Real-time communication with audio and video.
  • Screen and presentation sharing, chat, and shared notes during the session.
  • A web portal developed specifically to make it easy to start and participate in web conferences.
  • Integrated with highly adopted web applications such as Moodle and Jomla; and with an API that makes it possible to integrate it with any other web application.
  • Scalable (grow on demand) and monitored (find the problems before they affect your users).
  • Works in all modern web browsers (Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer) and operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • Mobile client compatible with Android and iOS.
  • All components are highly customizable (make them look exactly like you want them to) and can be integrated with existent solutions.

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Explore our services

Our services range from ad-hoc web conference hosting to installation, configuring and monitoring of a dedicated infrastructure. Reduce your risks and safely deploy Mconf (and BigBlueButton) with everything you need on it.


Being the creators of Mconf, we can help you with anything related to it. Custom developments, installation, infrastructure planing and growth, and event broadcast are a few examples.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated servers for your institution, hosted in the cloud or in your own data centers. Good both for small institutions, with a basic infrastructure, and for big institutions, that need the entire scalable and monitored infrastructure.


Our monitoring and scalability system allows the smooth and dynamic growth of infrastructures. Imperative to accommodate the growth of web conference usage in your institution.

Support and monitoring

Already has your own Mconf/BigBlueButton servers? We provide active monitoring of these servers, reducing the risk of problems, and support to solve possible issues.

Customization and personalization

Mconf is a highly customizable system. We can make it look like your institution wants it to look, to show your users the visual identity of your institution, not Mconf’s. Mconf can also be integrated into existent applications already used in your institution.

Web conference in the cloud

The easiest way to hold web conferences with no effort at all. You just need to create an account and you’ll have access to your own conferences. Optimal for individuals and small institutions.

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