Web conference for education

An integrated platform accessed directly from your institution’s Moodle
Teachers and students communicate via audio and video in a dynamic and engaging environment
Quick and easy adoption with the use of plugins and a cloud based service

Simple interface for students and teachers

Simple and intuitive user interface. Teachers control the virtual room, share their computer’s screen, presentations and notes, while students attend the class and interact via chat, audio, and video.

Teachers and students access the virtual rooms through their institution’s LMS (Learning Management System), that they are already familiar with. Not requiring a new password, the access to the virtual rooms is tightly integrated and at the users’ reach.

How it works:


1.Access key

You have 60 days to test and use the platform for free.


2.Install the plugin

Install our Moodle plugin. It’s simple and our team will help you in the process.


3.Configure the plugin

Configure the access key in the plugin you just installed.



Create an activity on Moodle and access your first conference.

Integrated to the most used Learning Management Systems

We integrate with any platform your institution already uses, learn more here.

Our plans

We offer 3 different plans to suit your needs.


The Personal plan is for people that want to share knowledge live, connecting to small groups of people.

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The Team plan is perfect for small businesses that wish to extend their public using web conference or that wish to serve a bigger group of people live.

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The Enterprise plan is for big companies, for businesses that serve a large number of people or for businesses that have short duration courses with different groups of people.

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The Mconf platform

Our services are based on Mconf, a platform with years of development, already used by thousands of people in thousands of hours of conferences and classes

  • 10


  • 30


  • 50

    hours of use

We also offer web conference for purposes other than education, see more at our services page.

Trusted by

Filipe Souza

Mconf Tecnologia is allowing Nurture to reach people from several places remotely. The quality of our slides is impecable during the transmissions. The same happens with the audio and video quality. And, to top it all off, the support offered by Mconf Tecnologia is excellent.

Silvio Cesar Silva

Mconf Tecnologia, other than providing the high performance web conference technology, is also an strategic partner that has been helping us attend to the particular necessities of each one of our clients.

João Paulo Bragato

I have always dreamed about lecturing, and started using Mconf, it has been great. It’s great to use the platform for online classes, it has everything I need, and a little more! Moreover, the support and assistance are incredible, very comfortable to work with! 🙂


InovAtiva 2016