Our services are based on Mconf, a web conference system highly customizable that can be integrated with a wide variety of platforms. Learn more about its features below.

Main features


Real time communication via audio, video and chat

Mconf is a platform that stimulates collaboration. All participants of a conference can interact by sharing their camera and microphone at any time, while moderators still have total control of the permissions related to this sharing of content.

There is no imposed limit in the amount of cameras and microphones shared within a session, a fact that makes Mconf ideal both for classes, in which a teacher alone is sharing a camera and a microphone, and for meetings, in which all participants are sharing audio and video and interacting.

The public chat between all participants also helps the interaction and prevents unnecessary interuptions in the flow of a class or meeting.


Presentations and whiteboard

In the document sharing section teachers can upload presentations of their classes and present them in real time for their students. The whiteboard allows teachers to annotate and draw over the presentations, simulating what a teacher would do in a standard class with a physical whiteboard.

Other than presentations, Mconf accepts several other file formats (text documents and images, for example) and can then be used to share a wide variety of content.



With the options to record an entire conference, students can review the content of classes and participants of a meeting can recall the decisions they made during the conference. The recording is controlled by the moderators, that can start and pause it at any time. At the end of the session, the recording is automatically processed and published to the participants.

The access to the recordings can be made both online, through a web page that plays the recording on demand, and offline, by downloading the video file that is generated with the contents of the recording. This video can be stored by the participants or published in video platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Screen sharing

The screen sharing allows participants of a conference to view exactly what the presenter is viewing in their computer. This enables presenters to show a video in the conference or use any application in their local machines and have all other participants see exactly what they are doing.

The screen sharing on Mconf was developed to have a good quality, so that dynamic content (such as videos) can be presented, and at the same time be adapted to the current network limitations of most users.


Moderation and control over the participants

Despite being a highly collaborative tool with several resources for all participants of a conference, Mconf has also tools for the moderators of a session to have control over the participants and their actions. Moderators can, for instance, allow just one participant to share audio and video or control which window layout is being seen by the participants.

This allows the creation of several different types of conferences, from meetings in which all participants are collaborating, to webinars, in which there is only one presenter with audio and video and the other participants interact only via chat.


Advantages for your institution

Transparent integration

Mconf has an API that allows it to be integrated to practically any web platform that your institution uses. We have plugins already developed for several Learning Management Systems (LMS), such as Moodle, Sakai and WordPress, and frameworks to build applications, such as Ruby on Rails.

If your institution has its own platform, it’s possible to integrate Mconf to it transparently for the users, that will still access the same platform they are already familiar with, but now with the extra feature of communication in real time.

If your institution still doesn’t have a web portal, we offer our own, that was designed specifically to be used with Mconf.

Customization and visual identity

We know that it’s important for institutions to showcase their visual identity to their users, at the same time that it’s important for users to feel safe and confident by using a trademark they already know and trust.

In our services institutions can have a web conference platform dynamically customized with their own visual identity. Use your institution’s logo, colors and presentations in all your classes and meetings.