Pay only for users that access virtual rooms. Grow at your own pace.


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Includes a free trial period of 60 days.
Minimum fee: 15 users (US$ 60) per month.


  • Support to integrate with your LMS.
  • Customization of the virtual rooms with the elements of your institution’s visual identity.
  • Recordings available for access and download for 6 months.
  • Detailed reports at the end of every month.

How it works

Most of the services charge institutions per user (students, teachers) without considering the fact that most of these users are not effectively using the service. We believe it is only fair to charge just for the users that are really using our service, and it fits better the realities of both small and large institutions.

In our service you pay only for the people that are actually using it. In other words, only those that are accessing conferences. Moreover, people can access multiple conferences multiple times during the month and will still be considered as a single unique user.

Our plans don’t fit your needs? Want to use conference for other purposes?

Business meetings, events, trainings. We offer other plans and services, check our services page or contact us!

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