We offer real time communication services for several purposes, including distance learning and remote meetings.

Web conference for education

A platform for online real time communication between teachers and students that is integrated with the most used Learning Management Systems (such as Moodle). In this platform teachers and students collaborate with audio, video, presentations, screen sharing, and several other types of content. The adoption is easy and quick for institutions: install a plugin in your LMS and point it to our service in the cloud.

This service applies to different publics:

Education institutions

For institutions that wish to offer web conference to their teachers and students using their own LMS.

Technology providers

For companies that provide hosting of Moodle and other LMSs and wish to integrate web conference in their solutions.


For teachers that want to lecture online classes and trainings. Through our partners you can have an integrated solution, contact us and we will help you find the best partner for your use case.

Web conference in the cloud

For remote communication in corporative environments we offer a solution of web conference in the cloud. Collaborators interact remotely via audio, video and chat, share documents, presentations and computer screens, and edit texts collaboratively.

The service integrates with platforms already used by your company and is customized to have your company’s visual identity. The conferences are held in the cloud, and with that have no impact in your institution’s infrastructure.

Other services

Installation, development, customization, support and consulting

Our services are based on Mconf, a web conference platform highly customizable. If you wish to use Mconf in your institution and customize it to your needs, we offer several services that can help you. These services include:

  • Installation and configuration of components
  • Test and optimization of these components
  • Customization and branding
  • Development of new components
  • Monitoring
  • Load balancing of conferences
  • Integration with other platforms

Mconf is based on the open source software BigBlueButton.

Platform Mconf

Our services are based on Mconf, a platform with years of development, already used by thousands of people in thousands of hours of conference. To know more about Mconf and its community of developers and users, visit